About Us

DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC based in Indianapolis, Indiana is a prototype / small volume assembly facility and PCB / PCBA validation laboratory.

DIVSYS International, LLC was founded by Belinda Bentley and Tammie Fish in June 2010 as a boutique version of its predecessor, Diversified Systems, Inc., a large Printed Circuit Board Designer, Fabricator and Assembler of high technology products

The DIVSYS Laboratory is a recreation of the PCB/PCBA Laboratory from the original Diversified Systems, Automotive and Medical PCB/PCBA Laboratory

The Rapidproto portion of DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC opened in 2016, as the quick-turn, high-technology assembly arm of DIVSYS International, LLC

In late June of 2018, DIVSYS International, LLC, merged with ICAPE Group and became the ICAPE Technical Center of Excellence for the United States.

Today, DIVSYS International-ICAPE, LLC serves the commercial market for quick turn, high-technology assembly and PCB/PCBA Laboratory Services