PC Board / PCB Assembly Lab Validation

Why offer lab testing for Printed Circuit Boards? It’s simple, what you can’t see can be detrimental to your assembly. Once the board is assembled, it is much more difficult and costly to prove that an issue was the result of a board failure. The first reaction is to point a finger at the assembler, but, in reality, the board is the single most important component to any assembly. Why? Very few PC board defects can be repaired once the components are added. Defects such as cracked plating or thin copper are especially problematic since they will usually pass the bare board electrical testing. High levels of ionic contamination may also pass electrical testing but can contribute to dendrite growth and erratic operation in the field.


If you don’t start with a quality PCB, you can’t end with a reliable assembly. If you are lucky, the defect will be immediately noticeable. Unfortunately, most PCB defects will not be found until the assembly is in the field. Either way, once the parts are added, it will be costly and difficult to pinpoint the board as the failure source…and that’s what some board suppliers are banking on happening. And…it’s a good bet to take.

At DIVSYS, we employ Engineers, Chemists and Technicians that are experts at understanding the fabrication process and testing boards. Their experience comes from hands-on work in world-class board fabrication facilities.  They are accustomed to working with boards from automotive, medical, telecom and general industrial customers. Our Technical Advisory Board alone has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture and analysis of PCBs from fabrication and analysis facilities.

Come by our facility for a tour, and we’ll show you that we really do have in-house engineers and we do all of our testing in Indianapolis.….not China, Taiwan or some other far off land. :


If you need the peace of mind that comes from assembling a quality board, call DIVSYS. We offer laboratory testing as a stand-alone service for boards procured from others. Our laboratory reports are not just an exercise in metrics, but actually provide a “suitability for use” opinion with the results.

It's What You Can't See That Matters!

In-house PCB evaluation:

  • Cross Section Analysis of Copper
  • Thickness and Hole Quality
  • Metallography with Thermal Stress
  • Solderability Testing
  • Hi Pot Testing
  • Controlled Impedance Testing
  • Modified Rose Testing with Ion
  • Chromatography
  • Hot Oil Delamination Testing
  • Microcraft Flying Probe
  • Electrical Testing
  • SIR, Electromigration, CAF, IST,
  • Elongation and Tensile Strength
  • (Bath certification), XRF,
  • IMDS Management Reporting

What is Product assurance testing?

There are many tests that can be performed on a PC board or assembly. In determining the suitability for assembly, the 4 most important tests are:

  • Destructive Physical Analysis (micro-section)**
  • Surface Finish*
  • Cleanliness*
  • Bare Board Electrical Test**

* Impacts the Assembly
** Impacts Long Term Reliability